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Future of Work Event

The pandemic has compelled employers and employees to adapt to new working practices at a pace no one could have predicted pre-Covid. And this new way of working is making demands of us, never seen before. At WorkJuggle we have put together a survive and thrive...

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Remote Working is now Mainstream. What does that mean and where does avocado on toast fit into all this?

Remote working has many advantages from no commute to more family time to the environmental implications. Remote working has also become an important part of an organisations arsenal in attracting and retaining great talent. 

There is a danger though that we never look at the downside and this is what Ciara Garvan explores in her latest article.

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Dublin Tech Summit

We are delighted to announce we have twenty free tickets for the Dublin Tech Summit which we are happy to share with you. The DTS is always a fantastic event with really interesting speakers and the latest insights in the world of tech. This year the amazing Alyssa...

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Unleash the Power of Digital Learning

We are all too aware that the global pandemic has changed how we do things. Businesses have had to be creative in finding ways to continue their business online and WorkJuggle is no different. In March we won the tender to deliver the Technology Ireland Software...

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The Coronavirus and the Future of Work

Life for all of us changed dramatically in mid March of this year. Schools shut down and with children sent home indefinitely “Operation Remote Learning” was quickly put into action. Companies dusted off their business continuity plans and all non essential staff were...

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