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Hybrid work opportunities

Hybrid work has really only emerged as a new working pattern in the last year as we have started to emerge from lockdown. We think it is an exciting way of blending the benefits of remote working and the buzz of being together in an office. This is a new area and as organisations reconstruct how they work and identify which roles can be done remotely they must make decisions about which roles can be carried out in person and by whom.

According to McKinsey research (2020), 80% of people questioned report that they enjoy working from home. 41% say they are more productive than as before and 21% say they are as productive. That said as we return to the office many people are enjoying the collaborative and social elements of being together. There is no doubt that hybrid working will be a model that is here to stay and flex over the years to come. At WorkJuggle because of our experience in remote & flexible working, we have created a training program on How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce Inclusively.

In that workshop we discuss:

  1. Staying Connected at Work
  2. Networking in a Hybrid Environment
  3. Communication. Self-Advocacy & Personal Brand (I know we hate that phrase too!)

We expect this area to grow exponentially over the next five to ten years.

Are you interested in hybrid working?

Please reach out to Jane directly at jane@workjuggle.com or call us on 01-5649211.

Jane Monks

Jane Monks

Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle

Jane Monks is the Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle.

Jane worked with global professional services firm Mercer for 15 years in Service Development and Risk Management roles and holds a Diploma in Business Analysis and Consultancy. Initially working as a Business Analyst, Jane played a key role in the development and implementation of innovative business solutions across diverse business areas. A move into Risk Management brought with it an opportunity to work on these business solutions from a regulatory perspective.

Having enjoyed some time out of the workforce to be with her young family Jane joined WorkJuggle in 2019. This reignited her passion for business process improvement and workflow management and she brings her experience in these areas to the management of WorkJuggle’s business operations.

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