The pandemic has compelled employers and employees to adapt to new working practices at a pace no one could have predicted pre-Covid. And this new way of working is making demands of us, never seen before.

At WorkJuggle we have put together a survive and thrive toolkit to help employees through this new way of working.

We are hosting an online event, looking at common themes identified by people trying to navigate these choppy waters.

  • How do we turn up?
  • How do we engage?
  • How do we collaborate?
  • How can we be seen, be heard, be rewarded?
  • How can we maintain connection and camaraderie with our colleagues?

WorkJuggle founder, Ciara Garvan and Melissa Curley, softskills educator talk to these common themes with input from our customer, Blanaid O’Regan of Siro.

So please join us on April 29th @ 1:00. We’ll spend 45 minutes getting lessons from WorkJuggle & Siro and allow time for questions from the audience too! You can register here.”