We are all too aware that the global pandemic has changed how we do things. Businesses have had to be creative in finding ways to continue their business online and WorkJuggle is no different.

In March we won the tender to deliver the Technology Ireland Software Skillnet ReBoot Programme. We all know what else happened in March and so this course which was to be delivered in person now had to be delivered online.

The challenge had been set to rework the programme and we found ourselves on a steep learning curve. Of course we rose to that challenge and the programme was an amazing success with full engagement  and very positive feedback from all 24 participants.

So, when the Learnovate Centre at Trinity College Dublin asked me to speak at their recent webinar “Unleash the Power of Digital Learning” I didn’t hesitate to accept. It was great to share with 500 Enterprise Ireland clients how we transformed our training from in person to virtual over a few short weeks.

If you would like to hear more about the challenges we faced and how we overcame them you can watch the webinar here .