Have your say on the Future of Work and click here to take our survey in conjunction with Dublin City University.

At WorkJuggle we are all about the Future of Work. We hire for flexible, remote and contract jobs. We are passionate about making organisations more inclusive for everyone.

The thing is. The future of work is kind of here?

The last twelve months have brought mainstream the idea of remote working and flexible working and it has all happened at break neck speed.

We all know so much more about the upside and the downside of work which is not tethered to an office. For some people it has been a joy but for others they are close to burnout.

Over the next year we will all move to a hybrid way of working. But what is that going to look like? And what additional supports will we need?

These are questions we have been trying to figure out ourselves which is why we have partnered with DCU to launch academic research in the area of the Future of Work.

Part of this research involves a survey. We need as many responses as possible so appreciate your input. This survey will help employers figure out what the next evolution of working life will look like.