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Following the immense volatility for businesses in 2020 due to the global Covid-19 restrictions, organisations have been scrambling to embrace new ways to manage their projects. Article Intelligence (AI) and Automation now plays a much more significant role in tracking time spent on tasks, leveraging historical data to make better bids and plans for future projects, whilst more efficiently allocating resources to different project areas. Remote working is here to stay, so project management roles have adapted to accommodate this.

Furthermore, in the post-pandemic era, there has been a new strategic approach to finding efficient methodologies for project success. More of our clients have begun to experiment with a hybrid approach to project management, bringing together two or more methodologies for a flexible approach to successfully completing complex projects.

Helping you to recruit experienced Project Managers

At WorkJuggle, we understand that the field of programme and project management has changed dramatically in recent years and that employers may require staff outside of traditional fixed, permanent contracts. We’re specialists in sourcing and securing candidates for remote, flexible and hybrid contracts, so whether you require short-term support for assistance with managing your projects or permanent staff for bigger, on-going plans.

We help our clients to recruit for roles at all levels including:

  • Project Coordinators and Facilitators
  • Resource Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Head of Project Management
  • Project Management Director


As one of our customers says:

We have worked with WorkJuggle to access flexible talent. It has enabled us to scale up to meet business demands in a way that works for us and our business. We met excellent candidates whom we have not seen come through other sources and had a very positive experience with the team.

Roseann Heavy, Network Ireland

The WorkJuggle team believe it is important for the talent pool to be as broad as possible. We’re committed to Diversity & Inclusion recruitment targets, and we spend time a lot of time in the market, holding workshops, speaking at events, and really working on the ground to find the best candidates for our clients. We have developed extensive networks through events and social media which enables us to reach many potential candidates in the project management sphere.

What sort of companies do you assist in project management?

We work with a broad range of businesses from SMEs to major brands. Corporate clients include Ibec, Zurich, Citi, Mastercard, Irish Life and Axa.

Which geographic areas do you cover for project management roles?

We are based in Dublin, but we recruit for companies based across Ireland. We can also help you to find managers who are looking to find remote contracts for projects that are based anywhere in the world.

Are you looking to recruit your next Project Manager?

Contact our project management recruitment specialist, Alison Power, at or call her in our Dublin office on 01-5649211.

Alison Delahunty Power

Alison Delahunty Power

CIPD HR professional at WorkJuggle

Alison is an experienced CIPD HR professional with an extensive track record in all aspects of strategic and operational Human Resource Management in private and multinational organisations.

Alison joined WorkJuggle in January 2017 after taking some time out to care for her young family. WorkJuggle offered her the work-life balance that she was searching for. A part-time option, working from home with flexibility.

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