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Marketing has never been so important to organisations. In a noisy field, how can you stand out and make yourself heard? In the last few years, social media has exploded and become a vital tool for communicating with customers. Marketing itself has undergone a radical transformation over the last fifteen years with Digital marketing reconstructing the profession. Marketing has at the same time managed to become more intuitive and authentic yet also more technical and complicated (who knew SEO & PPC would become so important to businesses?)

At WorkJuggle we know how tricky it can be to find the right marketing person. We work with everyone from large organisations to small start-ups and help them find the right person who will make a real difference to their organisation.

Marketing recruitment services for all industries and specialisms

At WorkJuggle we work across all industries and sectors including:

  • PR & Communications
  • Digital and Online
  • FMCG
  • Professional Services
  • Finance
  • IT/ Technology

We work closely with you to collaborate and offer temp, contract & full-time permanent opportunities. Those opportunities can range across:

  • Social media marketing
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Branding & PR
  • Digital Marketing


As one of our customers from a leading Marketing agency wrote:

WorkJuggle worked with us in securing a technical marketing hire. The team were quick to respond to our recruitment needs and provided a broad range of high-quality candidates for consideration. We felt supported throughout the process and communication was excellent. Our engagement with WorkJuggle was extremely positive and professional from start to finish. Would highly recommend and look forward to using their services again in the future.

Orla Veale, Conker

At WorkJuggle we believe it is important for the talent pool to be as broad as possible. Through our work with women returners, we know how much-untapped talent can be out there. It is just not just about finding someone to do the job but building a culture and a team you are proud of.

At WorkJuggle we spend time in the market, holding workshops, speaking at events and really working on the ground to find the best candidates. We have developed extensive networks through events and social media which allows us to speak to as broad a range of candidates as possible.

Helping you to recruit the best marketing candidates

In a post-Covid world, it is clear that competition is fierce and particularly in the Marketing sector in Ireland it is hard to find the right people. We want to help you hire the best candidates.

Many of our candidates work freelance across a number of different companies. This could also be the right solution for you? For our smaller customers, a full-time marketing person may not be necessary but an experienced marketing professional who can work flexibly 20 hours a week could be just what they need. We are happy to explore all options with you.

Here are some testimonials from marketing people whom we have placed previously:

“I came across WorkJuggle accidentally when I was looking for freelance projects and they helped me to connect with a great client. I wanted to thank all the team for the great service and support they provide.”

Mahmoud, Digital Marketeer

And Lynn here is an example of how by offering different working patterns from the traditional 9-5 you can access really experienced, great talent. At WorkJuggle we are passionate about flexible, remote and hybrid working as a way of broadening the talent pool and making sure that work is a thing you do not a place you go.

“The Workjuggle model and what it stands for really appealed to me. I’d worked as a project manager for one of the worlds’ most reputable leading brands for over 13 years. I didn’t want to give up this experience but yet I wanted to spend a little more time with my kids while they were small. The team at WorkJuggle offered this service. I’d never seen this type of opportunity before but it made total sense. Flexible and remote working arrangements help the employer get the best out of the employee. Worklife balance allows us to work in a focused environment, enabling highly productive and efficient output. It’s a win-win. Not getting caught up in 9 – 5 but rather achieving workload in a timely manner benefits everyone. The modern employer is beginning to embrace this concept that when we trust and motivate our teams we get the work done, and done better. The opportunity to maintain a level of seniority on a 3 day week was exactly what I needed. WorkJuggle gave me the chance to take this route and for that I am grateful.”

Lynn Fallon, Marketing Professional

Are you looking to recruit your next Marketing person?

Contact our marketing recruitment specialist, Alison Power, at or call her in our Dublin office on 01-5649211.

Alison Delahunty Power

Alison Delahunty Power

CIPD HR professional at WorkJuggle

Alison is an experienced CIPD HR professional with an extensive track record in all aspects of strategic and operational Human Resource Management in private and multinational organisations.

Alison joined WorkJuggle in January 2017 after taking some time out to care for her young family. WorkJuggle offered her the work-life balance that she was searching for. A part-time option, working from home with flexibility.

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