William Waldron

Director of Managed Services, Singlepoint

WorkJuggle has been an excellent source of senior talent for us. Through them we have had access to a diverse range of candidates we just don't see coming through other agencies or sources. We have made excellent hires for our own management team from WorkJuggle and they are always a pleasure to deal with.

Roseann Heavey

Partner, Noone Casey & President of Network Ireland

We have worked with WorkJuggle to access flexible talent. It has enabled us to scale up to meet business demands in a way that works for us and our business. We met excellent candidates whom we have not seen come through other sources and had a very positive experience with the team.

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Jill Holz

MyKids Time

Ciara and her team brought energy and expertise to the recruitment process. Their unique process cut down the amount of time required to vet and analyze CVs, saving valuable time for us. It was a pleasure to deal with them.
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Annalea Carew

Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin

As HR Manager I had a unique role which we found it extremely difficult to recruit for a number of months. It was my first experience of connecting with Work Juggle and I found them efficient and fantastic to partner with on search. We ended up finding a fantastic candidates and the consultant at Work Juggle was extremely proactive during the search. Keeping me constantly updated at all times!
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Martin Hannigan

Simon Community

It was a pleasure dealing with Ciara and Alison at WorkJuggle to help recruit for the role I required. Thanks again for your help and professional approach and look forward to working with you in the future
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Sheila Harte

Sustainable Nation Ireland

Sustainable Nation Ireland are delighted to have engaged WorkJuggle to assist in recruiting for two positions within the organisation to date. The team at WorkJuggle are professional and diligent, providing guidance and support from beginning to end. From understanding the role requirements, to curating the job specifications and reviewing CV’s, the process is seamless and efficient. They delivered pre-selected high calibre candidates for consideration, resulting in successful placements on both occasions. I would highly recommend the services of WorkJuggle and look forward to working with the team again.

Ann Maire Walsh

Team Lead, Thread Legal, expd8

I had the pleasure of working with Ciara and her team at Work Juggle for a number of roles from Marketing to Technical to Executive level. We had a great selection of excellent candidates to choose from. Ciara and her team were very responsive, completely understood our needs and were able to work with us to metour criteria and fill the vacancies.

Roisin Bell

Research Specialist, KnowledgeWorks

Finding a new colleague for my specialist market intelligence business seemed like an impossible task. Luckily Work Juggle was recommended to me and I've been completely happy with the experience. Most importantly, I found the right person, at the flexible terms I needed and with the right experience - so the panel of people at Work Juggle is obviously very wide. Alongside this however, the service from Work Juggle was faultless: quick responses, helpful advice, and thoroughly professional from beginning to end. I've been recommending Work Juggle widely since I used Ciara and her team a few months ago and continue to do so, without hesitation.

Orla Veale

Managing Director, Conker

WorkJuggle worked with us in securing a technical hire. The team were quick to respond to our recruitment needs and provided a broad range of high-quality candidates for consideration. We felt supported throughout the process and communication was excellent. Our engagement with WorkJuggle was extremely positive and professional from start to finish. Would highly recommend and look forward to using their services again in the future.

Lyn Fallon

The Workjuggle model and what it stands for really appealed to me. I’d worked as a project manager for one of the worlds’ most reputable leading brands for over 13 years. I didn’t want to give up this experience but yet I wanted to spend a little more time with my kids while they were small. The team at WorkJuggle offered this service. I’d never seen this type of opportunity before but it made total sense. Flexible and remote working arrangements help the employer get the best out of the employee. Worklife balance allows us to work in a focused environment, enabling highly productive and efficient output. It’s a win-win. Not getting caught up in 9 – 5 but rather achieving workload in a timely manner benefits everyone. The modern employer is beginning to embrace this concept that when we trust and motivate our teams we get the work done, and done better. The opportunity to maintain a level of seniority on a 3 day week was exactly what I needed. WorkJuggle gave me the chance to take this route and for that I am grateful
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Miriam Walsh

I recently started a new role through WorkJuggle and I was working with Alison. Alison approached me with this role and was friendly and very professional. She championed me for this role and it paid off. WorkJuggle had the personal touch that showed they genuinely care. They even thought to send me a card congratulating me for getting the new role. I'd definitely recommend them.”


Finance Contractor

I wanted to go back to work, but on my terms. I wanted to be around for my kids after school activities instead of sitting in traffic. I have now started a contract role, where I can work from home when I need to. I feel I get a lot more done at home and finance roles like mine lend themselves very well to remote working. I love working close to home and the flexibility of remote working when I need it. ‘The best thing is that I can feel my self confidence growing again.

 I heard about WorkJuggle from other Mums. It was the only recruiter I signed up to. I actually started my new contract within two weeks of first seeing the job on their website, it was that quick. I have taken on a 2 month contract role in Finance, located close to my home. I have the flexibility of working from home when I need to and I don’t miss the daily commute. My advice to other women looking to return to work is to talk to WorkJuggle. Tell them your long term career goals and what you’re looking for. They won’t waste your time, they are very efficient and will find you the job you are looking for. They really get to know you and so 100% of the jobs they propose to you, will be a good fit, then its up to you to go for it. It is great to know that there is an agency out there who is making flexible working for women a real possibility.


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WorkJuggle has been amazing in keeping me in mind when there is a possibility of a company considering entry-level appointments as well as more experienced hires. As someone with an atypical background looking for a technical role they have given me opportunities that I haven't seen come through any other agencies. I wasn't expecting to have such a personal experience with an online platform and I really appreciate it!


Finance Contractor

The best bit about my new contractor role is the location, only 15 minutes from home. I am really enjoying the intellectual challenge of working again. My colleagues are very friendly and welcoming and  I love having the ‘work banter’ again.


I wanted to find a job which would allow me more flexibility such as part time or term time working, so I can spend more time with my 8 year old daughter. My background is in Finance and I found my new role through WorkJuggle. Within 1 week of seeing the job on their website, the contracts were signed and I started working 2 weeks later. It is a 3 month full time contract role, with the flexibility of working remotely as often as I need to. It is really exciting going back to work, and at the end of this contract I will spend the summer in France with my daughter.




Digital Marketer

I came across WorkJuggle accidentally when I was looking for freelance projects and they helped me to connect with a great client. I wanted to thank all the team for the great service and support they provide.

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Jenny Maher

HR Manager Flogas

Flogas consulted with WorkJuggle as part of our Inclusion & Diversity strategy. WorkJuggle analyzed the following processes on our behalf:

  • Recruitment Resourcing & Roles
  • Recruitment Process
  • Employee Lifecycle (including L&D and Performance management)
  • Employer Brand

They made practical short-, medium- and long-term recommendations all of which can be used by us as we work to make the organization more inclusive.

We found the team at WorkJuggle to be collaborative and helpful. They customized their work to meet the demands specific to our business. The quality of the report was excellent and we found the experience to be more of a partnership that empowered us to drive our strategy forward. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as partners in any company's diversity & inclusion initiatives.

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Julie Toner

Head of Talent Acquisition & People Development, Zurich Insurance

At Zurich we want to put credible sessions to our colleagues to support their transition back to the workplace. Leading with a session for our managers and then another session for all our other colleagues, WorkJuggle delivered really practical and inspiring sessions about inclusivity, unconscious bias, and returning to a hybrid way of working. The feedback from the attendees validated the effectiveness of the session. Thankfully the collaboration in advance and the passion of WorkJuggle to align their training to our values led to a memorable session. I look forward to working with the team again on their many areas of expertise.
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Maureen Brogan

HR Director, Ibec

WorkJuggle designed, developed and delivered the programme for us to our own specifications. Our input at the design and development stage was taken onboard and reflected throughout the training. The training was interactive and highly engaging. The trainers were easily able to build rapport with the participants and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
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Tara O’Rourke,

Head of Brand Marketing, Coca Cola HBC

WorkJuggle delivered an engaging, immersive and interactive session that helps us raise awareness of and understand Unconscious Bias, explore its many dimensions, how it permeates much of what we do, and recognize its link to effective decision making.
I would highly recommend Work Juggle and look forward to ongoing collaboration.
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Gill Higgins

Group Head of Sustainability at Dawn Meats

In September, WorkJuggle delivered their inclusive leadership programme to our executive team. It was pleasure to work with Work Juggle and a rewarding experience for all involved. At Dawn Meats we are working to create a more inclusive culture and we recognise this starts with our leadership team.

Work Juggle delivered an engaging, interactive and practical session that really resonated with the team and as one participant said “We certainly have been challenged in some of our predisposed thinking – and are taking lessons from this to influence change.” Work Juggle were able to customise the content specifically to the needs of our business and engagement was really effective. The leadership team came away from the sessions determined to create a more inclusive work environment that will improve retention and positively impact business performance.

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Re-Entry Participants

WorkJuggle are trailblazers. They have developed a unique and effective method to help women find their way back into the workforce
We each came away with a new-found confidence in how much we have to offer and a determination to fulfil our potential in the workforce.
The WorkJuggle workshop should be a mandatory first step.
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ReBOOT Participants

Honestly, I feel like every day just gets better and better. Another fantastic day, swinging from technical to core skills again. I really enjoyed our afternoon session. Thank you so much, I feel very lucky to have the chance to participate in a program such as this, and it's evident how much work was put into the planning and design.

Suddenly I became so disciplined and organized, gained back my confidence and now no hesitation, get to know about company trends, focused career path, started implementing my soft skills in my daily life. Million thanks to the team for providing us such a great course.

Thanks for arranging the right people at the right place at the right time…I got the much-needed launch pad... thanks again. Special thanks to each one who made this program so unforgettable (Some we could meet and some we couldn't). Three cheers to make this my very first virtual training so very useful.”

The course delivery and content was excellent. I cannot believe the amount of content that was covered today, and the amount I've absorbed (considering it's the end of the week). Really great content, suitably pitched, and well presented.




Dogpatch Labs,

CHQ Building, IFSC,

Dublin 2, Ireland.





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