In today’s tight talent market it is harder and harder to recruit top talent. And yet sometimes when it all works out and the person is hired, the onboarding complete only for a relatively short time later, the person to leave.

Why does this happen? Yes sometimes circumstances change and there are better, more highly paid jobs out there but that is not the whole story. Organisational culture plays a huge role in deciding why someone may stay or go. And culture is not about ping pong tables, bean bags and free food. It is about belonging, feeling that your input is valuable and your voice can be heard.

We are conducting research on “Why People Leave”. What drives people out there and into the arms of a competitor and what encourages them to stay? Are they the same reasons for everyone? Do men and women react to working cultures in the same way? We don’t think so. What men and women are looking for from the world of work can be quite different.

Would love to know what you think? The survey is still open at closing soon so make sure your voice is heard.

Thanks for your help.