Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar last Thursday! Melissa CurleyBlanaid O’Regan from SIRO and Ciara Garvan spoke about “How to Upskill for Virtual Impact”.
Melissa spoke about the importance of deliberate communication and the challenges of the hybrid workplace. She talked us through the importance of psychological safety and the reality that no company has perfected hybrid working yet it is too new!
Blanaid’s experience as a HR director during the pandemic in a company which was incredibly busy was really fascinating. She spoke about the challenges of onboarding people and making them feel really included. She also spoke about how communication and empathy to people’s individual circumstances is key during this time.
We also had great interaction from everyone who joined. Love when that happens! The chats take over and the webinar has a life of its own 🙂 So thank you again to all who joined.
“Upskilling for Virtual Impact” is a half day course we are running in company for those organisations who want to help their people thrive in this new world. For more information, please just drop a line to