So the return to the office is finally here! After two years working from home the reality of leaving the house and being with colleagues beckons. If like us you have spent most of the pandemic in ever expanding leggings and fluffy socks then you will not want to miss our Insta Live with Keren Beaumont. Keren has worked in the Fashion Industry for two decades and has worked as a Buying Director for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Harrods and Coach. Her fashion advice has been featured in Grazia and Good Housekeeping.

Apart from all that Keren is super stylish and understands what it is like to have a busy lifestyle and still want to look well.

Join us for this Insta Live on March 31st at 1 O’Clock. We will be talking about what to wear for the return to the office, how we can make the most of our existing wardrobe and how to say goodbye to leggings(ok maybe just wean ourselves off the leggings)