Is the 10:2 the new Flexible Work?

I have to admit I only recently came across the term 10:2, it is more colloquially known as “taking the summer off”.

The 10:2 sounds much more efficient though and not unlike the 5:2 diet (I tried the 5:2 diet once for a week, I ended up with a migraine which lasted for a record-breaking three weeks. Not recommended).

In this way the 10:2 reminds me of “remote working”. For a long time, remote working was better known as “working from home” but once senior tech people became involved the wording changed to the much more dynamically charged “remote working”. Working from home still sounds like you are doing a spot of laundry and putting a chicken in the oven at the same time as doing your day job.

The 10:2 is essentially working for ten months and then taking July & August off. In many ways it makes sense. It suits the way society is structured, certainly in Ireland where schools are closed for July & August and is also one of the few times when you are (almost) guaranteed good weather.

The trick to working 10:2 is working for yourself or as an independent contractor. At WorkJuggle we see this quite a bit on the contracting side. People picking up maternity contracts in September with a view to having them finished and boxed off before June. We currently have a number of contractors working full time in busy offices but finishing up at the end of June with a plan to take most of the summer off and be back at their desks again in September.

Obviously, this needs to work for the business as well. Some businesses are more seasonal than others.

And for candidates, the important part though is being highly skilled. In demand contractors like programmers, accountants and project managers are able to take July & August off secure in the knowledge that a new contract will easily become by in September.

If you are interested in making the 10:2 work for you and have in-demand skills please do register at