WorkJuggle was delighted to take part in the #WorkEqual campaign which took place on Wednesday the 27th of November in the Marker Hotel. This was the inaugural event which is was hosted by Sonya Lennon and sponsored by Solas.

The morning was opened by An Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar which set the tone for the day. This was to be a serious event geared towards solutions; real solutions rather then just a talking shop.

The day was a really interesting, thought provoking mix of speakers and the emphasis was most certainly on redesigning the workplace rather then “fixing women”.

As part of the day we were put into break out groups. I was delighted to facilitate one of these sessions. These sessions allowed us to prioritise solutions towards ending the gender pay gap and making work an more equal place for all of us. The top ranking solutions included;

1. Strategy for caring responsibilities. We had heard earlier in the day from Tatijana Latinovic, Chair of the Icelandic Womens Rights Association about the universal healthcare system they have in place in Iceland.

2. Tackling societal norms.

3. Flexibility in the workplace ( we were not surprised to see this in the top 3!)

4.Women in leadership

5. Gender Pay Gap
#WorkEqual was an excellent day. It tackled a complex issue with a solutions driven agenda and a good dose of humour.

Looking forward to next year already.