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Everything is better when people come together. We run regular workshops, community events and all manners of get-togethers which we think might be interesting to our community. Here is a flavour of past events and some upcoming ones too. To make sure you don’t miss out be sure to register for our mailing list. 

Re-Entry Workshops 

These workshops are designed for women who have taken time out of the workplace and are thinking of going back. We run them regularly and they are always the best days. Here is what some of our previous participants had to say 

Manja Costermans 

Ciara is a trailblazer. She has developed a unique and effective method to help women find their way back into the workforce. Her method helps to regain confidence. I appreciate Ciara’s honesty, her helpful suggestions and her making sense of how the Irish society struggles with finding a work-life balance. Ciara has started a revolution. I hope Workjuggle will have a long lasting impact on Ireland.

Annmarie Shaw

I highly recommend Ciara Garvan’s WorkJuggle workshop. 

With a great mix of real life experiences and an organized practical review of the obstacles and ways to overcome them experienced by women returning to work. 

Ciara poses thought provoking questions which has helped me to structure my requirements for my return to the working world. 

Overall a fantastic practical workshop which was also great fun with a lovely group of people. Thanks Ciara.

And if all that wasn’t enough.. 

Ruth Fitzmaurice 

The Hamster Wheel of life doesn’t always allow us the time to stop and think about what we are doing, and importantly why. Why we are striving for something, and what we hope to achieve from our efforts. The WorkJuggle Re- Entry Workshop last Tuesday was just what I needed. The chance to put my desires to the top of the To-Do list…for a few hours at least. And coffee. We all need coffee! Sign up ladies, you’re worth it.

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Community Meet Ups


Like we said together is better. We run regular community meet ups. Usually held in DogPatch Labs  at lunchtime they are a chance to share information, meet the team and sometimes just have the chats. Previous sessions have focussed on how to create a winning CV  and how to build up your LinkedIn Profile. 

Once you are a registered candidate you will be invited to all community meet ups.  DogPatch is a great location but space can be very limited so these book our straight away. If you think you will be interested don’t hang about!




Dogpatch Labs,

CHQ Building, IFSC,

Dublin 2, Ireland.





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