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Our Unconscious Bias training content combines the latest voices in Unconscious Bias and is always backed by the very latest research.

Our training allows time for interactive activities, individual self-reflection, videos and individual reading. This makes our content highly engaging and thought provoking.

Our Unconscious Bias training looks at the biases we all bring to the workplace. While Unconscious Bias is
inherent in everyone and perfectly natural, it can hinder performance across a company and negatively impact an organisation.
Unconscious Biases can for example influence who we hire, why people stay or leave an organisation,
determine who gets promoted or not etc. etc. Tackling our Unconscious Bias is necessary to level the playing
field. It is not simply a nice or morally correct thing to do as research has shown diverse companies perform

In a McKinsey Diversity Matters Report, reported gender diverse companies are 30% more likely to
outperform their competition.

Indeed tackling Unconscious Bias in workplaces can lead to:

  • Better representation of customer base.
  • Diversity of thought.
  • Avoid looking neolithic.
  • Maintain top talent and avoid brain drain.
  • Expand the pool of talent organisations hire from.



The aim of our programme is to raise awareness of our biases, how they manifest in the workplace and what can be done to minimise their negative impact. Our programme can be delivered and adapted to the exact
audience. For example, we deliver UB training to employees, team managers and leadership teams.

We use many real-life examples of the different types of biases that exist in the modern workplace to help
illustrate this.

We discuss the different types of biases we bring to the workplace such as affinity bias, similarity, institutional bias and very relevant for today’s world remote and proximity bias.


  • At the end of the training, participants will be made aware and be able to identify unconscious biases in
    the workplace.
  • Through a series of interactive activities and individual self-reflection, participants will learn what
    strategies individuals and organisations can take to minimise their negative impact.


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