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We deliver impactful and results driven Diversity and Inclusion Training Programmes tailor made to the needs of your organisation.

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How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce Inclusively

This program is interactive, collaborative, and practical, equipping participants with the tools and skillset to apply learnings to the hybrid working environment. Content is knowledge-based and draws on research, case studies, and thought leaders in this area.

Key themes include:

How do we stay connected at work in a hybrid work environment?

Networking for your future – in a constantly changing world, being good at what you do now isn’t enough for future success. A network of people who value you, see the potential in you, are willing to vouch for you, think of you when opportunities arise in your absence – that’s a powerful constant to have.

Communication Skills: Be the scribe of your own story. Don’t give that power to anyone else. The importance of collaboration. Communicate well to build relationships, and do great work together. Learn to communicate in a digital world/hybrid environment. Congruency, consistency, and choosing the appropriate medium

Finally, as a group design a strategy for fostering social interaction and engagement in the workplace. A collaboration to create a model for engagement and collaboration to take back to your workplace and implement for the benefit of all. Answer questions such as: How do we create our culture now? What does it look like? How do we collaborate now? How do we keep people engaged?

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Unconscious Bias

The highly interactive program enables participants to examine the topic of Unconscious Bias and how it can hinder an organization from becoming more inclusive. Topics covered include; the Business Case for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and how Unconscious Bias impacts your Organisational Culture

Inclusive Leadership

An Inclusive Culture begins with your Leadership team. This is a day-long training program run by a qualified organizational psychologist. An inclusive culture embraces the perspectives and backgrounds of all employees. The more people feel included the more they speak up, collaborate and go that extra mile. Forbes cites teams that follow an inclusive process make decisions twice as fast with only half the meetings. Research also shows that inclusive
cultures have increased staff engagement, improved staff retention, and a culture that allows for innovation.

And this all starts at the top.

Research by the Harvard Business Review finds that what leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual report feeling included. Therefore, Inclusive Leadership must be front and center of any Diversity & Inclusion initiative. As established thought leaders, WorkJuggle has worked with dozens of Irish companies to help transform their businesses. We design and deliver workshops tailor-made to the needs of those individual organizations. Our success working with executive leadership teams is rooted in our belief that bespoke, interactive workshops provide the right space for dialogue to begin and change to foster.

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Storytelling in Business

How you can educate your employees into how blending facts and figures with storytelling can be a winning combination in bringing people on to your way of thinking.

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Re-Entry Workshops for Women Returners

These are great half-day sessions open to everyone, no matter what your background.

If you have taken time out of the workforce, for whatever reason, then this is the morning you need. It is a place to focus on yourself, really think about what you want from going back to work, and pull together some positive strategies to make it happen. Read some of our reviews here.

ReBOOT Live for Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet

Women ReBOOT is an award-winning national tech sector initiative for experienced and qualified ICT women who have taken a career break and now want to reignite their Tech careers. It is an entirely free month-long training and coaching program for women returners that helps you become ready to re-enter a career in technology. WorkJuggle delivers the training and coaching part of the program for Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet.

If you are interested in applying then please contact Technology Ireland Digital Skillnet directly here.



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