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Inclusive Leadership Training Programme

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An Inclusive Culture begins with your Leadership team. This is a day-long training program run by a qualified organizational psychologist. An inclusive culture embraces the perspectives and backgrounds of all employees. The more people feel included the more they speak up, collaborate and go that extra mile. Forbes cites teams that follow an inclusive process make decisions twice as fast with only half the meetings. Research also shows that inclusive cultures have increased staff engagement, improved staff retention, and a culture that allows for innovation.

And this all starts at the top.

Research by the Harvard Business Review finds that what leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual report feeling included. Therefore, Inclusive Leadership must be front and center of any Diversity & Inclusion initiative. As established thought leaders, WorkJuggle has worked with dozens of Irish companies to help transform their businesses. We design and deliver workshops tailor-made to the needs of those individual organizations. Our success working with executive leadership teams is rooted in our belief that bespoke, interactive workshops provide the right space for dialogue to begin and change to foster.

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