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Are you looking for your next job in social media marketing? Here at WorkJuggle we help social media professionals to find flexible, hybrid and remote jobs that suit your level of experience and make the most of your skills. We recruit for roles based in Ireland and overseas too.

The best way to find out about our latest social media jobs is to register on the platform. Once you have registered as a candidate, you will then have access to our Recruitment Hub. The Recruitment Hub allows you to see a list of all jobs available on the platform. It also allows you to update your profile and insert any newly acquired qualifications you may have that are relevant to employers looking to hire social media staff.

Recruiting social media staff at all levels

We recruit social media staff for job roles at all levels of the organisation including:

  • Director of Social Media
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Assistant

Director of Social Media Jobs

We assist our diverse range of clients in recruiting for senior social media marketing jobs through to director level. Clients seeking a Social Media Director are usually looking for candidates who have a high-level of experience in developing brand presence through social media activity.

Social Media Director roles often involve identifying target customers across different social channels then developing and implementing a clear content strategy that will engage the audience, with the objective of driving more traffic and conversions via the website.

Typical duties of the Social Media Director include:

  • Planning, developing, implementing, and tracking social media marketing campaigns.
  • Managing internal staff and external suppliers in the creation of multimedia format content for use on social media.
  • Monitor social media trends and ensure the company stays ahead of the curve in terms of strategy and innovation.
  • Liaise with senior digital marketing staff to ensure social media activity integrates with other paid and organic digital marketing campaigns.
  • Set-up effective tracking and monitoring of social media activity using a range of analytics and reporting solutions.
  • Provide regular updates to the senior management team on the performance of paid and organic social media campaigns.
  • Hire and supervise experienced creative professionals, such as copywriters and graphic designers, to assist with the implementation of social campaigns.

Social Media Manager Jobs

We regularly help our clients to hire talented Social Media Managers on flexible, remote and hybrid contracts. Clients seeking manager level staff for their social media activities are usually looking for candidates who can help develop, guide, and monitor their social media presence across various social media platforms.

Employers usually look for experience in delivering social campaigns alongside strong project management, creative and networking skills.

Typical duties of the Social Media Manager include:

  • Working with the Marketing Director or Social Media Director in the planning and development of social media strategies.
  • Supervising and training junior members of the marketing team on social media marketing and management.
  • Devising and creating compelling content for the company’s social media sites such as blogs, graphics, audio, and video.
  • Devising, implementing, and tracking social media competitions and incentives.
  • Monitoring and responding to feedback by the company’s customers posted on social media channels.
  • Keeping up to date with social media trends and developments.
  • Setting measurable goals for campaigns and demonstrating their ROI (Return on Investment).

Social Media Coordinator Jobs

We also assist our clients in recruiting for social media jobs below management level, including Social Media Coordinators and Social Media Assistants. Employers looking for staff at this level are usually seeking enthusiastic professionals who can help implement social media activity and ensure it is coordinated with other digital marketing campaigns.

Employers are usually looking for staff with strong networking and planning skills for job roles at this level.

Typical duties of the Social Media Coordinator include:

  • Researching ideas for social media campaigns and presenting them at marketing meetings.
  • Researching current trends and audience demands to help inform the optimisation of existing campaigns.
  • Working with the Social Media Manager to set KPIs and work towards company objectives.
  • Coordinating copywriters, designers, and other creative staff on the implementation of campaigns.
  • Coordinating the deployment of social media activities in line with other digital marketing campaigns.

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Jane Monks

Jane Monks

Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle

Jane Monks is the Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle.

Jane worked with global professional services firm Mercer for 15 years in Service Development and Risk Management roles and holds a Diploma in Business Analysis and Consultancy. Initially working as a Business Analyst, Jane played a key role in the development and implementation of innovative business solutions across diverse business areas. A move into Risk Management brought with it an opportunity to work on these business solutions from a regulatory perspective.

Having enjoyed some time out of the workforce to be with her young family Jane joined WorkJuggle in 2019. This reignited her passion for business process improvement and workflow management and she brings her experience in these areas to the management of WorkJuggle’s business operations.

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