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At WorkJuggle, we know the IT sector very well and love helping candidates to find their ideal job with a new employer. Our founder, Ciara Garvan, worked as an IT Project Manager for many years and understands what it is that jobseekers look for when seeking a new challenge. If you are currently on the look out for IT manager jobs or an opportunity to take the next step up in your career in IT, our team can help.

We are specialists in flexible, remote and hybrid contracts so, if you are looking for a job that will fit around other commitments, please register on the platform. Once you have signed up you will be able to access our Recruitment Hub featuring a list of the latest IT job vacancies. You can also create a profile featuring your qualifications and experience, helping us to match you to employers seeking IT management staff.

Recruiting experienced IT staff at all levels

We assist our clients in the recruitment of IT staff at all levels of their businesses, including:

  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • IT Consultant

IT Director Jobs

Over the years we have assisted many enterprise-level organisations to recruit senior IT staff through to director level. Employers seeking an IT Director are looking for creative problem solvers who can take charge of all things technical across the company. Larger businesses with complex IT systems will be looking for candidates with strong leadership skills who can manage and organise a team of IT professionals.

Efficient IT systems are the backbone of successful brands and companies. IT failures can be extremely costly both in the financial sense and in terms of the reputational damage with customers. As such, IT Directors need to demonstrate a high-level of capability in identifying, managing, and fixing IT issues.

Typical duties of the IT Director include:

  • Plan and oversee all technology operations including hardware and software deployment, network security and server management.
  • Collaborate with the executive board on the development of robust IT policies and frameworks that are compliant with legal and industry regulations.
  • Liaise with managers across the company to identify, plan and deliver their technology requirements.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the purchasing of hardware, software licences and any other financial decisions relating to technology.
  • Ensure that the technology solutions deployed are meeting the needs of employees across the organisation and arranging appropriate guidance and training where necessary.
  • Manage updates, upgrades, and configurations of new systems, coordinating and supervising IT managers and other technicians working on the projects.
  • Control budgets and report on expenditure to the executive board.

IT Manager Jobs

Many of our growing small to medium size business clients often approach us for assistance with recruiting their first IT manager, having previously outsourced their IT requirements. If you enjoy working in smaller organisations, helping them to grow, we may have the right opportunity for you. That said, we also work with many larger companies and brands who are looking to expand their IT team and recruit talented new IT managers. Whichever type of business you prefer, we can help you to find a job that suits your requirements.

Employers seeking IT managers are looking for individuals with experience in coordinating installations, upgrades, and maintenance of IT systems, with strong critical thinking skills and ideally a computer science related qualification.

Typical duties of the IT manager include:

  • Manage information technology project and systems.
  • Evaluate flaws in IT systems then plan, coordinate, and deliver solutions.
  • Manage junior members of the IT team, deliver training, and assist in the recruitment of new staff to deliver projects.
  • Liaise with the IT Director in the planning and delivering or IT policies and systems.
  • Manage and monitor data security, network access and backups.
  • Respond to the technology needs of staff within the organisation and manage the ticketing system that delivers the solutions to requirements.
  • Regularly assess projects to identify flaws and weaknesses, then coordinate IT staff in dealing with the issues identified.
  • Regularly audit hardware and other technology to ensure it is meeting the requirements of users and contributing to overall business goals.
  • Manage the budget for technology projects and report on costs to the IT Director.

IT Consultant Jobs

As flexible, remote and hybrid contract specialists, we regularly recruit for consultant IT roles that can be performed on terms that suit your other commitments. Clients seeking IT consultants are looking for excellent communicators who can advise them on how to improve their IT set-up to meet business objectives and improve the experience for their end customers.

Employers are usually looking for analytical thinkers and problem solvers who can identify issues and set-out a clear plan for remedying them.

Typical duties of the IT consultant include:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of the IT issues faced by the business and setting out plans that will help the organisation meet its objectives.
  • Educate staff and customers on the use of the company’s IT systems
  • Planning and implementing IT systems and networks.
  • Advising on the implementation of new technology.

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Jane Monks

Jane Monks

Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle

Jane Monks is the Business Operations Manager with WorkJuggle.

Jane worked with global professional services firm Mercer for 15 years in Service Development and Risk Management roles and holds a Diploma in Business Analysis and Consultancy. Initially working as a Business Analyst, Jane played a key role in the development and implementation of innovative business solutions across diverse business areas. A move into Risk Management brought with it an opportunity to work on these business solutions from a regulatory perspective.

Having enjoyed some time out of the workforce to be with her young family Jane joined WorkJuggle in 2019. This reignited her passion for business process improvement and workflow management and she brings her experience in these areas to the management of WorkJuggle’s business operations.

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