At WorkJuggle we love to have events. There is nothing better then gathering together a group of smart people, throwing out new ideas and having some great discussions.

Our most recent event was the Irish book launch of "She's Back" by Lisa Unwin & Deb Khan. We hosted Lisa along with Tracy from

She's Back is a practical guide for women returning to work and has been called;

"A must-have guide to get more women back into the workplace" by Arianna Huffington

Key Insights in relation to flexible work which emerged were;

  • There is a need to reframe the value add rather then the need for flexibility
  • This should be a gender neutral issue, not just for parents
  • Perception that wanting to work flexibly means you're less committed and there is a stigma around part-time work
  • As a business we need to support employees to have the conversation

If you are interested in attending one of our future events, please just pop your email address in here

We would love to have you!

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