She’s Back: The Future of Work

House, 27 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin - 18th June 2018

Looking for ways to tackle your gender pay gap? Seeking some fresh thinking on your gender diversity programmes? Ready for an injection of energy and inspiration to help meet your gender balance targets?

We’re delighted to have Lisa Unwin, author of ‘She’s Back here in Dublin, to talk about her groundbreaking book and the messages it contains for leaders and HR professionals who are looking for new solutions to age old problems.

Lisa will give an overview of the original research which went into the book and will provide insights into the practical strategies and tactics that can be used to help women have careers which last. From rethinking your approach to retaining women post maternity, to helping women women navigate careers which twist and turn, through to taking a new approach to flexibility, Lisa will talk about the lessons learnt from talking to thousands of women and input from several experts to discuss what works today. And why, in a dynamic and rapidly changing world, the organisations that win will need to find new ways to attract, retain and develop women.

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